Easily create 2D moving platforms

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Create various types of 2D moving platforms inside the Unity editor without a single line of code. Don`t waste time reinventing the wheel. Use your time to focus on what matters.


Wonderful Unity contributors


This asset pack is extremely versatile and can be used to accomplish a lot of things for making moving platforms. The creators even added functionality when I reached out to them about accomplishing something the original asset pack wasn't equipped to do. A+ experience, across the board. Both the individual asset pack and the creators are highly recommended.

Extremely simple to implement, with all you could think you need.


When creating a 2d game most people at some point decide to add moving platforms. The initial implementation is easy and then over the course of development you find small feature such as path drawing, path changes and trigger events need to be written and suddenly moving platforms in your game is a huge timesink. This asset solves all of your problems, right away. You've got easing curves, dynamic speed, multiple paths, open ends, loops - the lot! Oh, and the path drawing tool is the easiest third party editor system I've ever seen and used. The quality of this asset far exceed it's price tag. The developer has been very helpful with updating the asset for new Unity versions and his support offerings have already been amazing. Great dev! If you're looking around the asset store for a moving platforms solution, THIS IS THE SOLUTION.