Moving Platform Maker 2D

The best Unity asset to help you create 2D moving platforms without coding.


The demo scenes were inspired by Super Mario World's levels to showcase the use of moving platforms. You can play them online:

Development version

Our default branch is for the development of the new version of the asset and requires Unity 2022.3.13f1 or greater.

There are specific branches for each LTS version of Unity supported and those currently contain the released versions of the asset.

Quick start

Download it directly from Unity's asset store, the best version for your current Unity version is automatically chosen and you will receive notifications when it is updated.

For development, clone the repo into your project's Assets folder. It should create a folder called MovingPlatformMaker2D.


You can contribute by forking this repo and submitting a PR.

Don't know where to start, please have a look at the current open issues.

Found a bug? The issue tracker is the best place. Some tips to follow:

  • Check if there's already an issue open before opening a new issue
  • Add as much detail as possible, unity version, steps to reproduce
  • Isolate the problem by reproducing it in a new empty scene


Alexandre Betioli

Github (opens in a new tab) Twitter (opens in a new tab)

Thiago Marques

Github (opens in a new tab)


Thanks to all early users of the asset for supporting it and for all your feedback.